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When applying for one of our properties we require a set of fees in order to progress your application. This administration fee will guarantee Pride n Property will stop marketing the property for 1 week in order for all relevant paperwork to be gathered.

Although we will stop marketing, this unfortunately does not guarantee you the property. That is subject to a number of factors, which include:

  • Landlord consent
  • References
  • Contract being signed
  • Security deposit being paid
Our fees are £150 for the first applicant and £50 for each additional applicant, meaning total fees for a couple will be £200. This fee covers all of the administrative work involved in processing your application, and also includes gaining a set of references via an external referencing company. Please note that if you require a guarantor there is no fee.

Once your application fee has been paid and a holding deposit taken we will consult the landlord to check that they are agreeable to start the referencing process, if there is any problems at this stage then the full amount will be refunded to you as no work has been completed.

Once the referencing procedure has begun if there is any reason you are unable to proceed with the application, or if information that has not been previously disclosed comes back following the referencing which prevents us proceeding with the application, the administration fee and credit search cost will be non refundable.

If the landlord should pull out for any reason at all at any point during the process, your fees will of course be fully refunded.

Below you will find the terms and conditions of applying to rent a property through Pride n Property. It should also give a good idea of the process that we will go through.

Download Application Forms

To download our application forms please use the links below:

Security deposit

Once credit searches are back, and a tenancy has been agreed in principle by the landlord and the tenant, a security deposit will be taken. This security deposit would be held until the move in, when it will be converted to the deposit on the property to be lodged. If the tenancy was to be pulled out of by the tenant then the security deposit would be passed to the landlord in order to compensate for loss of marketing.

Signing contracts

All tenants must sign the letting contract or agreement, and until such time, no contractual agreement, offer or obligation is deemed to exist. If tenants are unable to attend on the occupation date, they are able, upon sufficient notice, to sign documentation prior to the move in date.


A guarantor is required for an individual tenant who is unable to provide satisfactory references. The guarantor is usually a member of the individual’s family who has sufficient means to provide a suitable bank reference. This person will be required to sign a legally binding document, which would make him/her liable for the rent for the term of occupancy if the tenant defaults on his/her payments.

Moving in

Pride n Property arranges services (normally gas, electricity and water). We will where possible provide meter readings and suppliers. Applications for electricity and gas supply need to be made directly to preferred supplier. Pride n Property cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred with connection of suppliers. You should check carefully the condition of the property and its contents when you move in. If you find anything that is not in good order, then we ask you to report it to us within SEVEN days of moving-in so that it can be put right or marked on the inventory. The property is let as seen at the time of the viewing; and requests for extra furniture, appliances or redecoration will not normally be considered after the tenancy is entered into.

Method of payment

By the date of occupation the balance (one month’s rent and deposit) must be paid in full either by bankers draft or building society cheque. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHEQUES or CASH. When the landlord has instructed Pride n Property as agents to collect the rent each month, Pride n Property will appoint a lead tenant and a standing order facility will be set up for the total amount of rent due on that property.


The Deposit Protection Service holds the deposit and loss of rent, or other unexpected costs are protected. Details of the scheme and the dispute resolution provisions can be found on their website. This is usually equivalent to one months rent plus £100 and is returnable at the expiration of the tenancy, subject to a final inspection and full inventory check. If any necessary cleaning, repairs or replacements are required following the tenancy, then the deposit would normally be refunded, less remedial costs, within 14 days of vacating the premises.

Pride n Property – a guide to applying

The following is a quick guide to completing our application form, followed by the form itself. If you require any more information, please do get in touch:

Be clear and upfront.

Please try to be as detailed as possible when answering. When asked if you have any adverse credit, please include all CCJ’s, bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders, or IVAs, even if they have been satisfied. To provide further details, feel free to expand a little more in a box provided on the final page.

We need to know exactly how many people will be living at the property. When asked how many children you have please also state how old they are (even if they are over 18), or if they will only be living there part of the time.

Verifying earnings:
With regards to earnings, we need to prove that you bring in 30 times the monthly rent over the course of a year. For example, if a property is £500 a month: 30*£500= £15,000

So, if your total income is a minimum of £15,000 before tax, your earnings should be enough to take the property. If it seems your earnings fall shot of this, please do give us a call to discuss the situation.

Additional earnings
We can also include working/ child tax credits. If you wish to include these, please provide us with evidence in the form of a bank statement or your award notice

If you are retired, you may wish to use pensions to cover your rent. If this is the case, please provide your pensions statement.

If you’re self-employed we will need your most recent tax return (or details of your accountant). We require the gross profit figure to total the required earnings.

Please note that unfortunately we can not include housing benefit payments as part of the referencing unless you have specifically been informed other wise.

Application fees
In order to proceed with referencing we will need to take an application fee of £150 for the first applicant and £50 for each additional applicant. If you are using a guarantor to aid your application, then they are subject to a further set of reference (using an additional form). Guarantor referencing is free of charge.

What ID we need?
  • Photo ID (passport or driving license)
  • Your last 3 months worth of bank statements
  • A utility bill or similar with your current address on.

If you require further information, please do call us on (01424) 216316.